Membership Spotlight – Tutti

Supplier Member:

  1. Name: Pam Brown, CGMP
  2. Company you work for: Breckenridge Residence Inn by Marriott
  3. Married/Single or significant other status and any info you’d like to share: I met my husband at the Fort Collins Marriott 16 years ago and we both graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Restaurant and Resort Management (now Hospitality Management.) Jasen is now the duel Director of Engineering for the Bachelors Gulch Ritz Carlton and Vail Ritz Carlton Residences.
  4. Children and/or pets or both: Mackenzie, 5 years old, is our pride and joy and her best bud is our dog Norge, 9 years old.
  5. A little bit about where you grew up: Proud to be a Colorado Native, born in Littleton and grew up in Evergreen.
  6. Favorite vacation spot: Home! We live in Eagle, CO and love it. However, for vacation we love to visit my youngest sister in Northern Norway.
  7. Thoughts regarding the industry: It is where I’m meant to be. A college aptitude test led me to this industry and it’s fascinating to see how it has evolved. From taking manual credit card carbon copies at check-in to now the intense security behind exchanging credit card data for example. Marriott has done an excellent job staying ahead of the trends and being the industry leader in best practices.
  8. What makes you happy? My family. Nothing is better than family cuddle time in bed on a Saturday morning when it’s snowing outside. Other than my youngest sister, all our immediate family lives in Colorado so we are fortunate to be able to see them all often. However, I’m always happy when we have a good Denver Bronco, Colorado Avalanche or Colorado State WIN.
  9. What do you like about SGMP? The education holds me accountable for my professional development and networking with like minded individuals has helped me grown. Also, the opportunity to get my CGMP at the 2019 National Educational Conference has been incredibly valuable to me.
  10. What do you like most about being a planner/supplier? It’s FUN!!! Yes, it’s stressful, time consuming and intense. However, connecting with customers to ensure their programs are executed appropriately and seeing it through fruition is unbelievably rewarding.