Chapter Committees

Members are highly encouraged to sign up for at least one committee. Meetings are held as determined by the Committee Chair on an as-needed basis.

Honors and Awards

This Committee requests, receives, and reviews bids from sites to host our annual Honors and Awards Gala held in June of each year. Prior to the Gala, this Committee sends out and receives nominations for the awards presented at the event. The Committee is responsible for selecting awards for the winners. The Committee uses flyers and informational letters to apprise the members of the Gala.
Chair: MaryLou Wallace, AAS, CGMP

Nominations and Elections

The Immediate Past President or a Chapter member approved by the Board chairs this Committee. Responsibilities include preparing nomination forms for election of Chapter officers, soliciting nominations for Board positions, evaluating nominations for qualifications, and working with SGMP Headquarters on process.
Chair: Claudette M. Ferris, CAP-OM, CGMP


This Committee is responsible for attending all Chapter meetings, National Education conferences, and other functions supported by the Rocky Mountain Chapter in order to take photos and properly document Chapter activities. Create and maintain electronic records of the Rocky Mountain Chapter.
Chair: Claudette Ferris, CAP-OM, CGMP 

Fall Education Conference

This Committee is responsible for planning and organizing the Chapter’s Fall Education Conference held in October.  They arrange and confirm all content and logistics related to the conference. The Committee mails out an RFP to all Chapter Supplier members outside of the Denver metro area that are unable to host a monthly Chapter meeting. After review of the bids, the Committee submits the top three choices to the board for final site selection. The Committee brainstorms ideas for themes, program, speakers and topics.
Chair: Michele Williams, CGMP


Oversees all of the communication for the Chapter. The Communication Committee also includes several subcommittees: Public Relations, Website and Newsletter.
Communications: Holly Miller, CGMP

Public Relations: Holly Miller, CGMP

Website: Angelia Meaux, CGMP

Newsletter: Julian Huerta


This Committee develops the educational programs presented at the monthly Chapter meetings. Responsibilities include sending out an RFP to supplier members to acquire sites for the monthly meetings; contracting with speakers; arranging for any A/V needs of the speaker; providing and tallying evaluation of each meeting. The Committee holds brainstorming meeetings to determine program topics and speakers.
Chair: MaryLou Wallace, CGMP


This Committee is responsible for greeting members and guests at the monthly Chapter meeting. This Committee manages the montly Chapter meeting registration process.This Committee prepares names tags, sign in sheets, recives checks, handles the monthly drawings. 
Chair: Lina Phoh



This committee is responsible for recuiting new members and working to retain current members.
Chair: Linda  Walters

Ambassadors Program

This Committee works with the memberhship committee to increase chapter membership and educate the general public regarding the benefits of being a member of SGMP.
Chair: Vacant


This Committee works with in conjunction with the membership committee.  The goal is to help all new members learn about the many benefits of SGMP and groom them to become future chapter leaders.
Chair: Nancy Gregory


This Committee is responsible for planning special activities to raise money for the Chapter.  The primary methods used are various drawings and silent auctions at the Chapter meetings and the Fall Education Conference, King Sooper gift cards.  All creative ideas are welcomed. The Committee Chair submits an article to the Chapter’s newsletter, Mountain Views, for each issue to inform members of special fundraising events and to thank donors and sponsors.
Chair: Theresa Patten, CGMP

Community Service

The Committee recommends, with board approval, community projects in which to involve the chapter. Projects may include: fundraising through member participation, collecting canned goods, clothing, school supplies, monies and other items for non-profit organizations and volunteering to staff community service events.
Chair: Sheila Zuschek, CGMP